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WuXishi LiDa Rubber Machinary Co.,Ltd
Address:Xishanqu Bashi town of WuXi City
Contact:Mr Zhu(General manager)
Contact:Mr Zhu
PD Tel:0510-83780811
Post Code:214192
   Wuxi Lida Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd is located in Wuxi, a picturesque famous city on Taihu Lake —— the cradle land of the national industry and commerce in modern times. It is a rubber machinery manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing bicycle tyres, motorcycle tyres and car tyres. Since its foundation, eight years ago, Wuxi Lida Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd persistently works hard in the main works of rubber machinery industry. Currently, with a complete range of products, the company provides the customers with the whole set of production facilities like inner and cover tyres of bicycles and motorcycles.
   Wuxi Lida Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd is a member unit of the Association of Rubber Industry in China. The company attaches great importance to products promotion and technical progress and owns a great number of specialists with rich practical experience in rubber machinery design and manufacturing fields. It has also established long-term technological cooperation with relevant colleges and science research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Rubber Research, Institute of Chemical Technology, etc.
   Wuxi Lida Rubber Machinery Co, Ltd regards needs of customers as a persisting power for novelty and originality. The company provides finished products machine and customizes products according to the needs of customers and can help clients draw up a set of products supply programs in accordance with the production demand and developing strategies step by step. “HELP CLIENTS CREATE WEALTH” is our management concept. We do hope the best companies would become our customers, but most of all, we hope our customers will become the best companies.
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