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Contact:Mr Zhu
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CL/A-1/25 connects the pole type electricity moves the sulphur inside the single layer turns the machine
Machine charcteristics:The construction is simple reasonable,match the mold pressure big,the noise is low,maintaning the conerninece.Can set up arbitrarily the sulphur turn time,the automatic row inside presses,openning the mold automatically.
Item Unit Technical datum Be work inside presses MPa 0.6-0.8
Close-die force T 25 Motor power Kw 3
Work layer layer 1 Open to match the mold angle Degree ≥42°
Hot plate dimeter mm φ750(Can make to order) Overall dim mm 1250×1250×1350
Open to match mold time s ≤3 Weight Kg ≈1200
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